What to buy a newbie programmer for Christmas

I have no shame in saying that I am very excited for Christmas, and no it’s not too early! You may be like me, as excited as a child for Christmas, or you may have the Christmas shopping dread of not knowing what to buy. Well I’m here to help! I’ve been thinking a lot about presents and have put together this gift guide for any programmer or budding coder out there! (This may or may not be just a list of things I want for Christmas!)
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you decide to buy any product, I’ll receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I will only recommend products I have used myself and that I love or that I genuinely want!

What to buy a newbie programmer for Christmas!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones - What to buy a programmer for Christmas Coding takes concentration, and that can be difficult when life is going on around you! Especially if you like you work in public, in a nice coffee shop or library. So it’s important to be able to focus on the problem at hand and immerse yourself into the code. So having a decent pair of headphones is important. These ones are rather expensive but the sound quality is amazing. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, these headphones are quite good as well!

External Hard-drive

External Hard Drive - What to buy a programmer for Christmas Having a backup of all your files is a sensible thing whatever your profession is. But if you’re coding, it’s vital! You don’t want to lose what you’re working on, whether its for yourself or for a client. So having an external hard drive is so important, to regularly back up all your files, code, movies, music, in case that an accident did occur.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi - What to buy a programmer for ChristmasI’ve bought myself one of these to help learn Python and I have to admit, I love it! There are so many ideas and projects that you can work on with a Raspberry Pi, including smart mirrors, robots, security camera, personal assistant and smart gardening assistant! One of my aims for next year is to use my Raspberry Pi more, and have fun with it! When I bought my Pi, I actually bought this book to help me with learning python, and I am looking to get a nice touch-screen like this one, to help me use it!

This cute mug!

Tea Mug - What to buy a programmer for Christmas Tea is such a vital part of my day, something that I’ve mentioned before. So having the cutest cup to drink my tea out of makes my day. If tea isn’t your thing, there are also some amazing coffee options, or other nerdy jokes that I love!

Women of Nasa Lego Set

Women of Nasa Lego Set - What to buy a programmer for christmas I don’t know about you but as soon as I saw that this was an idea for a LEGO set, I knew I had to have this. Celebrating women in science and technology is an incredible thing, especially as a woman in tech myself. But this goes beyond that. This can encourage a new generation of girls to get into science and technology, without being covered in pink! I can’t wait to have this displayed in my flat!

A rubber duck

A Rubber Duck - What to get a programmer for Christmas Have you ever heard of the rubber duck debugging? The idea behind it is that you have to explain your code line by line to a rubber duck and in describing what it is meant to do, the problem usually becomes apparent. By using a rubber duck, you don’t have to distract the people around you and you can improve your code!


Notebook - What to buy a programmer for Christmas I love notebooks, and I have more laying around my flat that I can honestly use at one time. But every time I see one that is so pretty, cute or just plain funny, I need to have it! So here are a few that I think are perfect for working through a programming problem or planning out a new blog post. Typo has some amazing ones, such as this Donut one or this sassy one about being 80% dry shampoo. Another option is Etsy, which has some incredible options such as this Zombie plan notebook, this programming notebook or this geeky notebook.


Ozobot - What to buy a programmer for Christmas This is the cutest little robot! It uses optical sensors to follow lines that you’ve drawn and you can code it to go faster, spin round and complete mazes! It’s the perfect thing to introduce someone, especially someone young, to coding in a really fun way.

Lift-the-Flap Computers and Coding Book

Lift-the-flap Computers and Coding - What to buy a programmer for ChristmasThis book looks like a great way to introduce children to the concepts within programming, and is a great interactive and beautifully illustrated book.

Programming Books

Books - What to buy a programmer for Christmas Most programmers I know love to learn new things, new languages, new frameworks, new techniques, constantly. And new books is a great way to do this. Maybe the programmer you know has an Amazon wish list they’re adding books to, or maybe you know which books they want. Or maybe it’s better to get them a gift card so they can buy any books they want.

So there it is, my Christmas list for programmers! If you think I’ve missed anything important or that you’re really wanting for Christmas, please let me know below in the comments!

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